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. we wish them the best. justbig storm is coming, not for us. england, upstate new jersey york city are going to get hit hard. let's get into it. we will start with a time lapse of the cloud cover. this kind of a -- just kind of a damp day. the high so far has been 38. 41 and 42 the high and low. technically, we are below average for the day. record high set five years at 64 degrees. by monday we might be in the 50's. some changes coming. skies and cool temperatures. the north. 40 south and east of the metro region. the 30' into as the storm elements come together, some light rain and be a brief makes. expect any significant impact. the concern is farther to the north and west were temperatures will be colder. forcold air is in place storm, but -- blizzard conditions will be widespread. the ground floor of this thing, just as it gets going. winter weather advisory, all of area in pink is a winter warning and then the red from a blizzard warning to therdia all the way coast. 2 feet of snow. some close to three skeet. ingredients coming together. coming together for area. everythi
with and being treated with a mental illness he started buying guns, including an ooze city that he purchased last month. by all public appearances dayvon green was an academic star. just a month to go he was named a student ambassador for nasa. he was a grad student in maryland researching robots in space. something went wrong. >> after speaking with green's family detectives learned that the shooter had been suffering from a mental illness. >> at some point, he began to arm himself. police found a basketball bat, machete and handgun, one of them is 9 millimeter. >> that was purchased legally in the baltimore county area in 201. >> green used that handgun to kill his house mate and to wound another before shooting himself dead. it happened apparently without warning. the house mates found green setting small fires in and near their off campus fire. >> it is really scary that it happened right here and so close to campus. >> it is a crazy night in college parking. you hear about it all over the place but you don't except it to be outside your front door. >> mos
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2